To The Bridge?

Veras had completely wrapped himself with his blanket turning and shifting throughout his sleep. This was his first night sleeping without his family before he had fallen under he figured he could handle it, but as he began to drip with sweat it became very apparent that this was untrue. When the fairy pulled his blanket away, he snapped awake, shooting up into a sitting. He was utterly bewildered, his skin was slick with sweat, and the preparation had dampened his sheets.

"Hey, wake up!..wake up!"

As if all that had happened wasn't nearly enough, the fairy smashed itself into Veras' cheek, the Hylian swatted but to no avail, Navi had already zipped over to wake Hyle. Thankfully, as the other Hylian would awake after him, he had time to gather his composure. He couldn't look like a scared little child having night terrors, not now, not to him. Wiping his face with a dry part of his sheet (because not much of it was), he stood and stretched as Hyle was roused.

"To Eldon bridge with you two, heroes! A great path is ahead!"

Veras had brought only a single change of clothes, he would have to buy more today, or else he'd have to sleep in sweat-drenched nightclothes.

His second outfit consisted of a yellow tunic with a belt around the waist and identical brown pants and boots. He wore the same cloak as before, having nothing to replace it and he'd apparently refused to part with it.

Finally tying his bag at the belt and sitting on his bed, he looked to Hyle, brows furrowed and bags under his eyes as the disorientation of his sleep had yet to leave him.

"The fairy has awoken. So, to the bridge then?"

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