Once and For All

Hyle slowly arose, sitting up aside his bed.

“Slow down just a hair, little one. Luck favors the well prepared.”

Vera's nodded, he'd made a point. This wouldn't be as easy as knocking on Ganon's front door, it was a process, and the process had to be carried out with careful efficiency to promise success. That was something it seemed his fairy guide struggled to understand as it pulled his ear, shouting repeatedly about the importance of the bridge.

On the topic of sharpening his sword, despite Hyle certainty, Veras initially was not quite so sure. He pulled the blade from his back and held it in front of him, the carvings along the blade as well as the blade itself, had grown dull and worn with time and use. Despite all it must have been used for, though, the only thing it had done recently was give Veras his scar. He wasn't sure still if he wanted some person to grind up his Familial blade, it almost felt like a dishonor to his entire bloodline to so much as mark it.

But he remembered why this blade had left its a decorative shelf in the first place. His father had raised the blade against evil, just as his father had before him, he must have told that story hundreds of times. It was its purpose. And after all, it was Ganon's own evil that caused the blade to scar him in the first place, what better way to repay the debt than to run that same blade through the beasts dark heart? No, this must be done.

Vera's nodded, taking Hyle's red rupee, looking at the gemstone Veras felt a small surge of glee for some reason. He pocketed it, before turning and pushing open the door ahead. The sharpening of his blade marked his first step towards his ultimate goal, that thought only bolstered his determination to continue. He then turned, giving Hyle a glance as the Hylian tightened his shoes, completely unaware of his gaze. Veras couldn't help but wonder exactly what he thought about all this...


Veras, having only gotten lost a few times and asked for directions, soon arrived at the blacksmith's shop. He pushed open the humble wooden door before poking his head inside, still unused to entering the residences of strangers uninvited, even if the place doubled as a business.

The man inside was one of great stature compared to Veras. His skin had a red hue to it as if flames had licked his flesh so many times that they'd rubbed off on him. His head was perfectly bald, though he sported a large greying beard and a perfectly symmetrical handlebar mustache.

"And who might you be?" The man barked, loud and proud. Veras exhaled, before pushing in fully.

"I am Veras, I lived further out where the farmlands. I intend to defeat Ganon, " He said, doing his best to mirror the man's confidence, " however I cannot hope to succeed with a dull blade." Veras pulled his sword out to show the smith what he meant.

The man's face grew redder before he bellowed out a hardy laugh as great as a lion"s roar.

"You're going to slay him, are you! Ha! You'd be like a fly to him, boy! "

Veras frowned, fearing the man he was doing business with was simply yet another heckler.

"But! I like your spirit! You're completely serious, aren't you? The fearlessness you've got's the respectable son. And just for that-"

The man approached and took Veras' blade, turning it this way and that.

"Oh yes, it looks old but this metal is top-notch! I can definitely work with this!"

Veras looked up at the man, finding his personality almost overwhelming.

"You never finished your sentence. What else were you going to say?"

The blacksmith looked down at him, smiling.

"Well, that it's on the house, of course. I don't often get to work on a hero's blade! The look on your face tells me your heart is brave and courageous, and I can't help but admire people like that!"

Veras could hardly believe his ears, but once the message had become clear, he nodded vigorously, "Many thanks, blacksmith sir!"

The man shook his head, "Don't mention it, just make sure you tell me when you get famous, okay?"


Veras' sword was finished within the next few hours. The man produced a smooth and sharp blade of a greyish hue, much lighter than it had been when he'd given it to him. The symbols inscribed on the blade had also been cut deeper. Veras sighed in relief the details of the sword were preserved to that degree at the list, it was what made the sword what it was, other than the sharp edges of course. Veras was amazed by the smith's skill and efficiency with the sword.

"This is amazing, surely only magic or insurmountable skill could produce something of such quality in that time!"

The smith nodded, acknowledging his praise.

"To be honest, I was surprised myself. It almost felt natural to me, working on this blade. In fact, I think I may have worked on this blade before in the past..."

Veras' brows raised at this. "Perhaps you knew my father? Or my grandfather? You couldn't have been the one to make this blade, could you?"

"Oh, no no, I've touched many blades, but I'm sure if remember one I've crafted. It's just familiar is all."

Veras nodded, returning the blade, slightly lighter but deftly so.

"At any rate, I give you my gratitude. I couldn't put in words the service you've done for me today. Now I must go, Ganon won't slay himself!"

The smith gave the Hylian a single wave as he left, Veras was grateful, but so was the smith. For the chance to work on a hero's blade, one more time.


Veras returned as hastily as he could, catching Hyle just as he was climbing down from a job well done.

"I've got my sword sharpened Hyle." Veras said, for once grinning from ear to ear. Pulliing open his pouch, Veras held in his hand Hyle's rupee with the intent of returning it.

"Free of charge, no less! That smith very well might have been the first person to respond so positively to my wish to defeat Ganon. Besides you, that is."

The smile faded as a returning thought troubled Veras, looking at Hyle, he decided he couldn't delay it any longer.

"Speaking of that, there's something I want to ask you, Hyle. If we're to embark on this journey, you must answer with absolute honesty."

Straightening his posture, Veras looked Hyle in his eyes.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Before Veras had asked Hyle as if it were only a passing thought, and even then he'd seemed unsure or neither here nor there on the subject. Veras couldn't stop thinking about the expression he'd made as he attempted to change the subject of the conversation, but this was the ultimatum. Veras knew his own determination to this task was well known, he didn't need to repeat himself, but he wasn't sure Hyle's mind was made and he refused to continue onward until it was.

"I understand this isn't an easy choice to make, but it must be made. So what will it be? Will you fight alongside me to defeat Ganon, once and for all?

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