Hyle refused taking his money back. He'd just been awarded a bit for fixing the roof. “Really? Such kind people here in Kakariko. No no. Keep it. You might need it for something down the road.”

As for Veras's question, he paused. It was a serious query after all. He'd already decided to go along for the ride, but how far? All the way to the very end? To face Ganon? He sighed, but gave Veras a small smile. “I want to be of as much help as I can,” he said. “I don't plan on running at the first sign of danger, but I can't quite say if or when we might part ways. It's just the way things tend to go for me; nothing lasts long. There's bound to be others willing to join us on this journey, and it's likely some of them will be much better suited than I. What I can promise you is that I'm not going to leave you helpless and alone. If I do ever leave, it will be because I know you're in good hands. Emphasis on the “if”. I'm… I'm not planning on leaving, but I suppose you should be aware of that possibility now.”

Veras, however brave and determined he was, was still just a boy. With or without a dangerous mission, Hyle couldn't just let him venture out on his own.

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