Glad You Aren't

Veras' expression softened as he listened to Hyle.

"What I can promise you is that I'm not going to leave you helpless and alone."

Hyle couldn't have possibly known just how badly Veras wanted someone to tell him that, needed even. There was a part of him that felt lost and scared. Deep down, he feared to veer off toward this goal with seemingly no breaks, he was afraid he'd some meet his demise. As the oldest of his parents three children, he had grown to hide his emotion, hide his fear. The habit proved hard to abandon. Veras' jaw clenched as emotion spiraled inside him.

"T-thank you." He said, his voice uncharacteristically quavering slightly. He let out a sharp exhale and nodded.

"You don't have to go all the way, just...thank you for sticking by me. It's not that I was afraid you'd's just..."

He turned suddenly, wiping a tear that had gotten free from his face.

"I'm just glad you aren't, is all."

A blue light whizzed between the two of them, it's shrill voice piping up once more, "Enough chit-chat! No more wasted time! Off to Eldon bridge!"

Veras was surprised, he actually wasn't all that annoyed by Navi this time, the thought made him smile a little.

"I fear I may actually be growing accustomed to your nagging." He said, gently brushing the little fairy with his finger. He then turned to Hyle. There was some redness in his eyes, but in spite of it he smiled.

"You heard the fairy, and I guess we're done here now, aren't we? Off to Eldon bridge?"

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