So Imperative

Veras managed to get atop Hyle's horse, Blue, though reluctantly so. He had seen, touched, petted and cleaned horses, though he had yet to ever ride one. You wouldn't hastily jump atop a wolf, or a bear, in his mind horses we're no different. However, Blue, in particular, seemed to have held a certain intelligence with her, as if Hyle's own experience and wisdom had rubbed off on her.

Straddling the horse with all the caution of a beginner, Veras was surprised to find that the horse was rather well mannered. As if detecting a novice rider had mounted her, she slowed her gait. Contrary to what he imagined such an experience would be like, it was rather pleasant riding her, though to be honest he wasn't actually doing much riding, more so sitting there hoping not to lose his balance as the horse moved independently of him. Still, Veras leaned over, and this in of itself was risky for him, and gently caressed the mare's side, expressing his gratitude for her being so tame.

It wasn't long before they had closed upon the bridge.

"This is it here, isn't it? Hey, Navi? What is it that lies here so imperative that you'd wake us at the crack of dawn?"

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