Call to Arms

-- Hyrule Castle, throne room--

Once, that palace stood as a center for peace, prosperity, and hope. In the last few days, however, it has been a warning for all those too light-hearted to understand the grave danger they are currently in.

The beast, in it's mysterious form, had been draining energy from the defenseless princess as we speak.

"Release me, vile creature!", she called out for help, but to no avail. There was non to hear; none to aid.
"Foolish princess. There are no heroes in Hyrule. Not anymore..", Ganon simply laughed it off and kept on emptying Zelda's life form, bit by bit, slowly but surely.

Meanwhile, in Kakariko village

"Hear one, hear all! Good people of this land!", a Currier had held onto a scroll in his hands as if though his life depended on it's safe arrival.
"The king has sent out a massage! Do hear me!", the man huffed and stopped in his tracks, tired from running.

Soon enough, the town-folk gathered in the tavern, since they had no hall for occasions, and the scroll with the fire massage had been read to all the ears attendant.

"That can't possibly be true.. ", some denied. "If so, what could people like us possibly hope to do? Against Ganon?!", voices of despair made their way to the hearts of all. Well..of most.

In all the fuss, a tiny spot of light entered swiftly through the tavern's window, and looked for certain someone's. That was no mere light, however; that was Navi. A newborn fairy, sent out to gather the finest heroes of the land and assist them on their quest to retrieve the star fragments and rescue Zelda!

It was not simple. The smell of fear reeked of most men and women there, besides...

A troubled looking hylian with a scar on his face was sitting there, but his heart was not racing. He looked calm.
"Hey, you!", the Fairy made her way to his ear; "You're special, hylian!... You could save princess Zelda and destroy Ganon if you set your mind to it... What do you say?", it asked him, not even joking a bit.

The tavern began emptying out; people were afraid. It was just Navi, Veras, and perhaps a couple more...

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