Can You Help Me?

Even after the blight had stopped falling, the rain refused to cease, determined not to falter until morning, it seemed. Veras had walked sometime now, at least half an hour, in this pouring cold rain with nothing more than his hooded cloak for protection. The gash on his face still burned, having only been inflicted hours ago. His fist clenched at the thought, seeing his father's skin melt off off his bones as he transformed into some ghoulish abomination.

He held the sword of his father before him, as he had meant to charge out and dispel the other creatures of the night, but had not noticed the blighted rain or that those creatures were, in fact, the other members of his family, transformed into monsters of their own. Only after turning did his father notice his son, still gripping the family heirloom that was his sword, only malice in his dead mind. And in the midst of all of this, Veras only stood there, too overcome with emotion to respond accordingly, and earned the scar that now embossed the left of his face due to his feebleness and imbecility. The young Hylian found himself gasping for breath as he fought earnestly to suppress any further tears or whimpers.

One might suggest that after such a traumatic experience, a person ought to rest, but that simply was not Veras' way. He felt he needed to punish himself with this walk, and rather than just sleep it off, he wanted to think. It was on this walk, you see, that he was made resolute in his goal. Barring the dreams and promises of a happy future free of hardship, those were gone with his family. All that remained was a burning hatred and anger for the one responsible for this.

He had heard the tale enough times, this was Ganon's doing. Now he marched toward the nearest town, Kakariko village, to confirm his suspicions. Surely there would be talk of the blight come morning.

Hear one, hear all! Good people of this land!", a Courier had held onto a scroll in his hands as if though his life depended on its safe arrival.
"The king has sent out a message! Do hear me!", the man huffed and stopped in his tracks, tired from running.

Veras was also exhausted, his cloak still damp from last night but it mattered not, he'd found a bench to lay upon and began resting, but the courier's call had roused him from his sleep. Veras wiped his eyes in an attempt to dispel the drowsiness, and for a moment he looked like a kid again. But from his bench outside the tavern, he'd heard a series of exclamations and the mention of one name, in particular, had changed the childish look on his face to one of very mature rage.

"...what could people like us possibly hope to do? Against Ganon?!"

Just then Veras pushed through the door, looking as insignificant as he did, not a soul turned towards him, no one saw the determined look of a young man who would do anything for vengeance, who didn't care in the slightest about his physical limitations or the low probability that someone like him could ever defeat Ganon.

The crowd of people that had gathered inside was massive, the tight four walls of this village tavern could barely contain them all. Pushing through the crowd, Veras found his way to the crier, staring up at the man. He was only a little taller, but Veras' short stature made him look a lot younger than he was. And with his short stature, with his youthful, innocent face (barring the fresh scar), Veras puffed out his chest, furrowed his brows and declared, "I'll do it. I'll defeat Ganon."

There was a brief moment of silence, the crier and several other bystanders looked on in disbelief until they realized he was serious. Veras found himself tensing as there was a roar of laughter throughout this small part of the crowd. The courier, a man nearing his forties, placed his hand on Veras' shoulder and looked down at him with a glint of cynical wisdom in his eye, and the young Hylian diverted his gaze, unable to meet his look.

"Son, you shouldn't be concerned with any of this, just go on back home to your parents...where are they anyway?"

Veras snarled, shoving the man's hand away with a swipe.

"Don't pretend to know a thing about me! I don't have anything to lose. Not anymore."

The man gasped in surprise of the young man's viscousness, absolutely taken aback. Veras frowned, instantly ashamed of his outburst.

"I apologize,'s just..." Veras couldn't find the words, and simply turned and sat at a nearby table, head in his hands. He was going to slay Ganon, there was no debating the matter, however, he couldn't allow his hate of Ganon and the beast's evil to drive him against the entire world. Behaving in such a way was uncalled for. He knew that.

This wasn't the first time he'd snapped. His life had been a happy one, sure, but like everyone else there were highs and lows, highs like fairytale-like moments of glee and lows like near hellish moments of depression and anger, especially anger. He had a dark side, it was indisputable, however, his loving family made that anger bearable, now he had only his rage and a target to focus it on, but nothing and no one to help him regulate it. A dangerous combination.

Raising his head, Veras decided no matter who told him he couldn't, he'd pursue his goal, even if it took his last breath. He suspected the road ahead of him would be long and populated with shortcomings, the thought of perishing just as he finished Ganon crossed his mind, that way he'd at least be at peace, maybe see his family again. What a grim thought for a 17-year-old to think...

Veras suddenly noticed a little blue sparkling orb of light. The oddity dashed and zipped across the room, drawing to the attention of seemingly no one but himself. After going this way and that for a bit, it suddenly flew Veras' way. Looking closer, the Hylian realized that it was actually a tiny little person with wings. What's more, the thing began speaking to him.

"Hey, you! You're special, Hylian!... You could save princess Zelda and destroy Ganon if you set your mind to it... What do you say?", it asked him, not even joking a bit.

Despite how fantastically cute the thing was, Veras immediately found it's shrill voice rather annoying, however, he said nothing in that regard.

"Defeat...Ganon...?" He murmured.

"How could you know my...No..."

'It doesn't matter what my intentions are if I'm too weak to carry them out...', He thought.

"Well, my name is Veras. Ganon has...devastated me, and I'd want nothing more than to defeat him myself...but I'm far too weak and unprepared to do so now." Veras lowered his head, and for a moment he seemed to be refusing the fairy's proposal. But then he looked up, a glint in his eye and a courageous smile on his face.

"But, I don't intend to let that stop me. I'll defeat him, but not alone and not now. I need to get stronger. So... can you help me?"

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