Hyle of Hyrule

The rain was really coming down. It had been a long time since Hyle had experienced thunder so close and so loud. He was all too happy to finally see the distant lit windows of Kakariko village. He certainly didn't want to sleep outside tonight, despite his new feathers keeping him somewhat warm.

Before coming too close to the village, he retrieved his old Hylian mask from his trusty steed, Blue's, saddle bag, swapping it with his new one. He'd spent the last several weeks on Dragon roost island, studying the Rito and their culture before gathering materials and constructing his beautiful mask of rainbow feathers gathered from the townsfolk. It was a shame to put it away in favor of his old Hylian skull, but it was what most people, especially in Kakariko, knew him by.

His gradient of grey feathers faded away, leaving him with simple pale skin. Suddenly, the rain was soaking straight through him, a thousand times colder and wetter without the protective layer of soft feathers. He pulled his cloak tightly around himself and urged Blue onward at a quicker pace.

Once Blue was secured at the stable, Hyle went straight to the tavern, a hot meal and warm atmosphere in mind. It turned out only one was available. It was like the whole town was there… but it was no party. He stood by near the door, trying to catch wind of whatever must've gone horribly wrong.

He finally caught a single word of importance. "Ganon." He froze. He hadn't thought his blood could run any colder. Ganon. Ganon was back. Ganon had seized the castle.

A young voice from the front of the tavern spoke up. "I'll do it. I'll defeat Ganon."

After a moment, there was a roar of laughter. Hyle growled, working his way towards the front. "Alright, alright. Shut up. Move it. Don't see the rest of you volunteering…" He wanted to see the young man for himself. He managed to squeeze through the dispersing crowd in time to catch the conversation with the courier. He'd never seen anybody with so much pain in their eyes before, and it had nothing to do with the deep cut on his face.

That's when the little fairy arrived and said her bit. Hyle was familiar with fairies. There were plenty at the fountain he frequented. Once she was done, Hyle spoke up. "Uh… I could treat that wound if you'd like… it looks a bit serious." It had mostly stopped bleeding, but that didn't mean it didn't still need attention.

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