The Boy Who Wants To Defeat Ganon

Veras' red eyes turned towards the newcomer, with his brows furrowed over them in anger and then they widened with intrigue. The Hylian had hardly heard the man's words as he looked over his figure.

Tall with some build to him, one of someone who moved around much perhaps, but he was no strong man. What caught most of Veras' attention though was the man's peculiarly pale complexion, it almost seemed...grey? Even his hair matched his strange skin tone. This was an interesting one, however he had nothing to do with Veras, a person like him was surely of more importance than a simple farm boy. So the Hylian averted his gaze, fiddling with his fingers a bit.

"What do you want, stranger? Come to jeer at the boy who wants to defeat Ganon?"

"Well, no. I said the cut on your face, it looks bad. I could help you with that..."

Stealing one more glance at the strange man, he could see genuine concern in his eyes. This person hadn't come here just to heckle. Veras flashed a blank face, this time in disbelief of the man's kindness. There had been other kind people, Veras simply hadn't expected someone to expend such kindness on a suicidal young fool such as himself.

" does hurt..."

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