A Kind Act

"It's no trouble," said Hyle, setting his dripping wet bag down one the floor. "No trouble at all…"

He dug through the bag until he found a small wooden box he'd made himself, adorning it with carvings of intricate fairy wings, a nod to their fabled powers of resurrection and healing. He popped the box open, pleased to find the contents dry. He selected a small glass vile and a clean cloth. He dabbed a glob of the red salve potion on the cloth before applying it gently to the young man's face. "There. That should heal up just fine. It is deep, so there could be scarring, but overall, nothing to worry about." He traded the cloth for a roll of bandages. "Hmm…" He tried to consider how best to wrap the wound without covering the young man's eyes. Maybe it didn't really need a bandage… it wasn't really bleeding anymore… but that didn't mean it couldn't start up again.

In only a few minutes, the wound was treated. It wasn't quite a professional job, but Hyle did at least appear to know what he was doing. "There we go then! Now… what was your name? I'm Hyle." It did no good to continue on about anything dramatic or complicated. For now, Hyle hopes to have the boy focus on the simple things. He was obviously distressed.

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