Thirst for Attention

Kakariko village's tavern, evening

Fairies are, to say the least, very interesting small things. One famed oddity about them is the fact that they are in fact so small that they can contain no more than one emotion at a time; At the moment, Navi was frankly somewhat jealous.

The two rather strange Hylians had taken a liking to one another so quickly, that Navi really had no opening to explain the fine details of the heroic journey to Veras.

Outside, thunder had smacked so hard, that some of the locals had cried out in fear outside, theorizing it might be Ganon, coming for them; "It is the end of times! He will kill us all!", they shout in fear as they ran home.

Navi, meanwhile, had stayed in the tavern with Veras and Hyle, trying his luck to get their attention. "Hey, listen! I'm Navi, your guiding fairy, sent to you by the great Deku Tree! He's gravely worried about the princess! What you need to do is collect the four Star fragments from each corner of the kingdom, and restore peace!", it said, realising how unclear it might sound."

"...What you first need to worry about, is a place to stay for the night, and tomorrow, you shall set out east to Eldin Bridge, famed for hosting some vile crooks, so you could proceed to Ordon ranch! where Vera could acquire a fine steed of his own, and rest well!"

Navi was proud of how specific he was this time, and just kept flying at their side, however irrelevant he may have looked to be.

"Whenever you get lost, trapped, or just bored, I'll be here by your side, heroes! Good luck on your way!"

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