Bolder Than Most

Veras winced a bit as the man applied his ointment to the wound. Homemade, most likely. What a useful skill to have. He may have been no expert, but Veras was completely unskilled in anything close to the man's first-aid abilities. He was rather impressed by the man's work.

It didn't take very long, but by the time he had finished most of the people in the tavern had emptied out, the thundering from outside helping to expel those cynical about defeating Ganon or those just plain afraid if his presence, and only the most resolute and brave, or perhaps the most foolish remained.

"There we go then! Now… what was your name? I'm Hyle."

Veras looked up at the grey-toned man.

"Hyle..." He repeated thoughtfully.

"Well, my name is Veras. Pleased to make your acquaintance, and I thank you for your kindness. "

Veras noticed the man's small talk and a thought popped into his head.

"Do you always meet people by patching them up, or am I the first one?", Though that wasn't the thought, he couldn't resist and was more than glad to indulge in conversation that didn't include some dark topic. However, the serenity didn't last long.

Navi, the small fairy that had been floating above Veras' head this entire time, suddenly piped up, apparently having remained silent to allow the two's back-and-forth. Veras gritted his teeth slightly, noting Navi's apparent inability to speak at a pitch that wasn't as shrill and as sharp as a whistle, especially so close to his ear!

"Hey, listen! I'm Navi, your guiding fairy, sent to you by the great Deku Tree! He's gravely worried about the princess! What you need to do is collect the four star fragments from each corner of the kingdom, and restore peace!"

Well at least what it had to say was helpful information, Veras wasn't sure how he'd have planned to go about his task without the fairy's guidance.

"...What you first need to worry about, is a place to stay for the night, and tomorrow, you shall set out east to Eldin Bridge, famed for hosting some vile crooks, so you could proceed to Ordon ranch! where Veras could acquire a fine steed of his own, and rest well!"

Veras flashed Hyle a surprised look, as if to say, 'Are you hearing this?' It looked like they had quite the adventure indeed ahead of them.

"Whenever you get lost, trapped, or just bored, I'll be here by your side, heroes! Good luck on your way!"

Veras, stood, watching the fairy as it buzzed around happily, seemingly overjoyed at it's ability to relay information so efficiently. After having fully digested this knew information, his thought from before resurfaced. He turned to Hyle, his expression suddenly grave.

"Well, I was meaning to ask you. You don't exactly seem like a fighter, and to be honest, I'm not much of one either, but the two of us do seem to be bolder than most at least. So, do you intend to face off against Ganon as well? I know my intentions are set."

Even though Hyle didn't seem keen on challenging his goal, Veras felt the need to express just how serious he was about defeating Ganon. Otherwise, someone might think he was joking. Glancing back the fairy, Veras remembered that it had called him 'special' before, even going so far as to refer to them both as 'heroes'. Did Navi know something he didn't? Was this quest not quite as hopeless as it seemed? More importantly, how could a simple farm boy and a mere traveler expect to defeat a terrible force such as Ganon? While his rage had carried him on, he had expected to be annihilated by Ganon's evil might upon first confronting him, but now he was beginning to think he might one day stand a chance!

His eyes locked back onto Hyle as he looked on intently, the scar was already staring to look better than it had when he'd first entered the tavern. He had asked the grey-skinned Hyrulian a question, and he was more than intrigued to hear the answer.

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