Bar conversation

They stood at the bar and got drinks. "So, I don't want to be morbid. But there's a chance we'll be stuck in this galaxy, far from home for our entire lives. What is it you'll miss from home?" She asked.

Deux was chewing on a power-bar that he had ordered, which gave him a moment to collect his thoughts. His mind was working overtime just laying out the problems he faced as the new Operations chief. In reality he was somewhat it shock, the new reality of their location in space hadn't really sunk in. Still the answer was obvious, "Family. I have two sisters."

She nodded. "We're so far that even a basic communication will take years."

She thought about that for a moment, before responding with hers.

"Toasted Andorian jelly pudding" she said with certainty. "The replicator never does it correctly, so the only way is to get it straight from Andoria itself. And we don't have any onboard, so I'll definitely miss that."

She looked into his eyes, trying not to cry. "So, do you really think we'll never get home again?"

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