Bar Conversation - Part 2

"So, do you really think we'll never get home again?"

“If I were a Vulcan, I’d say the odds are against it.” Deux looked at Jane directly in her eyes. “But I’m no Vulcan, and as long as I am alive I’m going to work towards getting us home, and I know everyone on board is going to feel the same way.” Actually Deux didn’t know that, but guessed at least for a while they would. “We made it here, we can make it back. We still have the Moreton drive, thanks to you. Who knows around here, Moreton gas may be as common as carbon.”

“I sure wouldn’t want to be the Chief Engineer though, of this ship. That’s a lot of responsibility, with everyone looking primarily at you to get that drive up and running again.” Deux was trying to lighten the mood, although he realized his words may not be as comforting when said out loud as they did in his head. “In any event, you need anything, Operations will prioritize it for you.”

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