First encounter

“In any event, you need anything, Operations will prioritize it for you.”

Jane grinned. "I'll hold you to that!" she said, and poured her drink down her neck.

She ordered another, but before it arrived, the Captain's monotone voice came through her commbadge.

"All senior officers to the bridge."

Jane looked puzzled. "I think that includes me, right?"

Deux nodded and they quickly departed the bar for the bridge. "So much for being offduty." she said.

They arrived on the bridge.
"We've encountered our first lifeforms in the Pegasus galaxy." Said Captain Garv.

Jane looked at the screen, which showed a spaceship of a design they'd never seen before.

It was spinning at an unhealthy rate, leaving a plume of purple smoke in its wake.

"Power systems are down, except for a distress signal." Explained Garv. "We've detected several unknown lifeforms onboard, but can't make contact."

"I want you both to go with a team of security and render any assistance you can."

Jane nodded. "Yes sir. We'll beam over immediately."

Garv shook his head. "No. Because of the rate it's spinning, we can't risk beaming you over. Take a shuttlecraft."

"Oh, ok."

Jane turned to Deux "Get ready and I'll meet you in the shuttlebay in 20 minutes, okay?"

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