Prep work

Jane turned to Deux "Get ready and I'll meet you in the shuttlebay in 20 minutes, okay?"

“Agreed.” Deux confirmed. “Full containment suits, and as much gear as we can carry.” They were going in very ‘blind’ having no intel on what the atmosphere was like inside the other ship, it’s gravity, and what was damaged.

As Deux suited up it crossed his mind to wonder when was the last time he’d slept. He didn’t feel tired, on the contrary this first encounter was energizing. It would be good to have friends, and this could be a fortuitous way to make them. There was something else, something about Dahl. Deux shook it off, and finished his preparations.

At the shuttlebay, Deux was first to arrive, stored his gear, and took the pilot’s chair. The mission required a skilled engineer, and Jane could better use her time running scans and making plans. Hagan could worry about the docking procedure. He heard someone coming, as he finished his pre-flight checklist. “Ready?”

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