Boarding mission

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They boarded the shuttlecraft & flew towards the alien ship.

Hagen was piloting, and started to line their shuttle with the spinning alien ship.

The ship looked so different to anything they'd ever seen.

Jane was happy, and nervous about being able to conduct a first contact with a new species. If anything was still alive.

Her scans indicated there were only two lifesigns onboard, and both fading rapidly. There was also some thing else, difficult to get a reading on whether it was a lifeform or not.

"Okay, as best I can tell, their engine is leaking a radioactive gas. We'll definitely need protective suits." Said Jane, and pulled out two suits from a locker.

"What I can't tell though, is if this was a malfunction or sabotage. We'd better take phasers too."

They both got suited up, and waited for the exterior shuttle door to open.

When it did, they couldn't see anything. It was dark, and smoke surrounded them.

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