Out of Gas

"Whose idea was it to eject the gas into space?"

"I take full responsibility." Deux continued to stand at full attention. He had remained mute thus far because he'd endured enough dressing down over the years to know not to speak until directly spoken to. That was his cue.

"According to my understanding, ENSIGN, you haven't taken responsibility for anything since barely graduating from the academy. Only sheer seniority of time got you a place on this important mission, certainly not of rank or duty prowess." The Captain's words came out measured just like most Vulcans, but their vitriol was no less potent. "Think very carefully about your next words, they may define more of your career than you realize. Tell me exactly what happened."

"Once Ensign Dahl and I made it to main engineering, we quickly assessed the situation. The Moreton drive had disabled most of the systems. There were fires and many casualties. There would be a critical overload in minutes, so we began to eject the drive. During that attempt, the main casing cracked and began to leak the Moreton gas. Since the primary fire suppression system was inactive, I evacuated the atmosphere, including the Moreton gas. This cooled the system, and put out the fires."

"And saved the ship." The Captain concluded. "You left out some details. Like how you risked saving nine people but put everyone on the ship in danger to do so by delaying the atmosphere maneuver of yours. What if the ship exploded in that small window of you beaming out hurt engineers?"

Deux for once was speechless.

"My conclusion is this, both of you acted heroically and appropriately. Every level of this ship has been damaged in some way, and many died making the historic trip out here. I need good Officers to make sure the Tempest goes forward successfully. Therefore I am offering to you both an opportunity. You can each be chiefs of your own respective department. No one is a rookie any longer. This is a ship of veterans. Do you each accept?" The security guard offered a PADD to each, with new codes to match their heightened positions.

"Hell yes!" Deux forgot all decorum as he grabbed the PADD, then stiffened, "I mean, Hell yes, SIR."

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