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Summary: I am just a lost little girl looking for guidance with my other half.

Nichole Ann Knight

Gender: Female

Age: About 12

Group: Dhampirs








105 lbs


Father: Nicholas de Brabant (Knight)

Mother: Nancy Anna Chilton


Her mother died when she was just a small child approximately at the age of three. Nichole is not a vampire, yet. She is slowly coming across, which is why she left her foster parents. She has been in and out of foster homes most of her life, most of them abusive physically and mentally.

The latest foster parents were the worst. The 'father' would try to sexually abuse her, as well as physically abuse her leaving marks on her porcelain skin. The 'mother' would do the mentally abuse by
calling her ugly names and telling her that nobody would ever want a ugly, spoiled child like her.

This is why she left the States and searched out for her father.


[b]Flight:[/b] Nichole can fly. Or, more accurately, she can levitate: she does not have wings. It is possible for her to levitate straight up. She can also fly directionally. When she does so, she usually raises her arms, and spread them slightly to the side. Since she is not a full vampire yet, she does have limits. Long use of this ability will tire her out quickly.

[b]Hypnosis:[/b] Nichole is able to hypnotize (or "whammy") most humans. Only "most" because there exists some Resistors who are unhypnotizable—and there is no way for her to know in advance who these might be. When she hypnotizes someone she stares them directly in the eye, and her voice takes on a compelling tone. Usually, her eyes also change colour, becoming a green-gold shade; and her pupils become very small. Again; because of her heritage, she is not as proficient as a full vampire might be.

[b]Rapid Healing:[/b] When Nichole is injured, she will heal with unnatural rapidity even from wounds that would kill a human. However, the speed of healing does vary with the severity of the injury. Because of her human half, she will not heal as fast as a vampire would. But she would still heal faster than a human might.

[b]Disease Resistance:[/b] Nichole is not susceptible to normal pathogenic infections: not plague, AIDS, syphilis, or Ebola. However, a laboratory-created disease designed to counter HIV capable of infecting and killing vampires is a different story.

[b]Drug Resistance:[/b] Nichole is resistant to drugs and poisons—up to a point. It would take much larger qualities to affect her system, and she would only appear high or drunk at human fatal levels.

[b]Immortality:[/b] Nichole is not technically immortal, since she can certainly be killed. However, she does not age as fast as a human. And of course when she becomes a full vampire, she will not age at all. She remain physically the same apparent age as she was when brought across. This means that she can live for centuries.

[b]Sensitivity to Sunlight/Religious Items/Garlic:[/b] Nichole is very sensitive to sunlight, and even the slightest exposure will make it seem as she had spent hours in the sun causing a sunburn if continued exposure is not corrected it would only get worse. If she does not immediately seek shelter or apply sunscreen, she will burst into flame. Her corpse will then combust almost entirely, leaving only a little ash.

Any presence of religious items or being on holy ground will make her physically sick.

Nichole has a severe food allergy to garlic. Just the smell will make her nauseous, and digesting it would cause her anaphylactic shock.

[b]Night Vision:[/b] Nichole has sensitive night vision, and is able to see clearly when everything seems too dark to see for human eyes. She can see somewhat in pitch black darkness, but not nearly as well as a vampire can.

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