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Lucien LaCroix

Gender: Male

Age: 1989

Group: Vampires








Approx. 170 lbs


Diva - Mortal Daughter/Vampire Master
Janette DuCharme - Vampire Daughter
Nick Night - Vampire Son
Made numerous other vampires


Mortal Life

In 79 A.D., General Lucius returned to Italy in triumph from a campaign against rebels in Gaul. He settled into his mansion in Pompeii, ordered a sculpture of his head to be carved, and prepared to enjoy the fruits of his success. However, this luxurious life of fortune and fame was brought to an abrupt end when Mount Vesuvius erupted.

Conversion to Vampirism

The general was not among the victims of Vesuvius. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter Divia had been brought across by an ancient vampire. Even as the tremors of the eruption shook his house, she offered him the option of being saved from mortal death by being turned into a vampire. He snatched at the chance to survive.

In Egypt some twenty years later, LaCroix turned on his young master when she pressed him to develop their relationship in a sexual direction. Appalled by the thought of incest, Lucius snatched up a sickle and beheaded his daughter. Then he placed her body in a stone sarcophagus on which was the seal of the sun god Ra.

At some subsequent time, he adopted the name "Lucien LaCroix".

LaCroix's Vampire Progeny

Down the centuries LaCroix has brought quite a number of humans across; but the two who have remained at his side the longest are Janette DuCharme and Nick Knight. The former struck his fancy when he saw her in Paris in the eleventh century running from a soldier who had tried to rape her. He took the whim to kill the man, and then to find out who she might be. Discovering that she was a prostitute with an abusive pimp, he offered to bring her across and give her freedom and revenge.

The two of them found the knight Nicholas de Brabant also in Paris. He was returning from the Crusades, disillusioned and ripe for seduction—by Janette, to the lures of the flesh, and by LaCroix, to the promise of immortality. Almost immediately, though, the knight had reservations. These led to frequent arguments between between them, usually ended with a demonstration of Nick's inability to break free from his vampire nature, to LaCroix's triumph.

By the mid nineteenth century, however, Nick had determined to leave LaCroix's family. His attempts to break free only assured his master's pursuit. Wherever Nick went, LaCroix was sure to follow, with or without Janette.

Some time later, Nick moved to Toronto. A couple of years later, he took a job as a homicide detective with the police force. Unbeknownst to him, LaCroix had become aware of this. LaCroix also read of an exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum that included a jade cup similar to one that Nick had excavated at Altun Kinal in the late nineteenth century—a cup reputed to be used in a ritual to reverse the vampire state. Both cups would be required to complete the ceremony; and LaCroix came to Toronto in order to ensure that Nick would not be able to get the second cup from the museum.

In the struggle between them, the second cup was destroyed; but their confrontation ended with Nick's staking his master with a blazing wooden spar. For at least a year, Nick believed LaCroix to be dead—and the memory of staking him haunted him persistently the whole time. LaCroix eventually returned to Toronto with the intention of reclaiming his bond with his son. He accounted enigmatically for his survival.

LaCroix's Modern Professions

To occupy his time in Toronto, LaCroix decided to host a midnight show at CERK radio under the name, "the Nightcrawler". Since Nick feels compelled to tune in, this affords LaCroix a channel to his son even when Nick avoids meeting him in person. After a while, though, Nick took to dropping by Janette's nightclub, the Raven even when he knew LaCroix might be around. He even occasionally, asked for LaCroix's assistance. And, when Nick's partner, Don Schanke, began to suspect that Nick was a vampire, LaCroix skillfully utilized a very subtle form of mesmerism to manipulate him into deciding that the notion was a foolish one.

Janette had decided to move on, and informed LaCroix that she would give the Raven to him. In order to run the club personally, he moved his broadcast booth from the CERK Radio station to a room at the back of the club.


Rapid Healing
Disease Resistance
Drug Resistance
Sensitivity to Sunlight/Garlic/Religious Items
Night Vision

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