This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Jan 9, 2020, 8:59pm


These rules are for everyone's enjoyment of the site! We want to make sure that everyone gets a good and fair chance at RPGing on this site. We all want to have a good time and to do that we need to follow the rules and make sure that everything is alright for any new members as well. Yes yes...I understand. No one likes them. However, they are necessary for the smooth running of a RPG. No secret phrases. The honor system is much nicer, right? Don't make me regret this...pretty please?


This RPG is based on the 90’s CBS show "Forever Knight". I would appreciate it if we keep this as close to the show as possible, thanks! We may ignore some show events in the last season (like Diva's appearance in Toronto) to have canon characters available to be played.

Characters: We do allow original characters. However, we also encourage you to take/make a canon as well. Also, you may have as many characters as you wish, but please keep them all active.

Posting Limits: We do not have a word count here. With that being said, please attempt to put some effort into your posts. We do not want to see one liner replies to those that took the time and effort to post one or two paragraphs for you. Quality over quantity. Be considerate and remember, your characters are always thinking and always moving! Describe, describe, describe!

Posting Frequency: We all know that real life can get busy, so to keep the site semi active we will require every player to make posts during a certain time frame. We require once a month posts, but strongly encourage you to post more often.

For site plot related story threads, please try not to let them "sit" for more than a week. If you do, the others involved are allowed to skip your turn.

OC Relatives: If you are creating an original relative of a canon that already has an OC relative, then please be sure to carefully read over the application(s)…CAREFULLY. But if the canon is taken be sure to contact their player to see if it is okay. It is only polite to do so. If you wish to change up the already established history of the canon, then please PM ALL the relatives and canon to ask if it is alright to do so. Be sure to include what you want to change, and how you would change it in the PM. We will contact these individuals to see if you have done so.

PM’s: Until I can come up with a place for all of us to hang out and discuss plots, please feel free to email each other with questions and ideas. Please be sure to put the group name (The Raven) in the subject line along with what you wish to talk about, so that the receiver will know that you are with the game. I.E.: The Raven - Plot Idea

Be civil! There’s no need for anyone to be rude and obnoxious. If it’s in your character’s nature to be rude, that’s fine, however, OOC I would like people to be civil to one another. Remember, just because your characters don’t get along doesn’t mean that you don’t have to!

Language: There will be a very low tolerance for swearing on this board. We will allow a little leeway with certain words, however, if I notice any extremely rude or offensive language is used, it will result in admin interference.

Chat speak: Don’t use chat speak on the board. An RP involves using proper English and spelling. There’s some ability to use abbreviations in OOC and such, but it’s easier for everyone to understand and looks much better, if people try to use proper spelling and some grammar.

Narrative: This RP is in third person. You are also required to post in paragraph form. By posting in paragraph form, I mean separating thoughts. Don’t try to indent, just skip lines in between paragraphs.


Godmoding: Godmoding (for those who don’t know) is the practice of acting or thinking (unless your character is telepathic) for a character other than your own. You are your own character. If Nick and Nat are having a conversation together Nick can't know what Nat is thinking, and Nat can't make Nick walk across the room and bang his head into a desk. That’s just not cool.

Mary-Sues/Gary-Stu’s: Mary Sue/Gary-Stu’s is an utterly perfect character. He/She stands in for the author and performs every heroic feat known to fandom, often outdoing the main characters of the story. He/She is beautiful/handsome, fit, wise, and incredibly intuitive. He/She is either the best friend, lover, or unrequited love of the most handsome/beautiful and desirable male/female character. He/She often has psychic or supernatural powers (not so much here since we are dealing with some unknown races of beings), which he/she uses in the most predictable and boring ways. He/She is introduced without preamble, has not a single weakness or flaw, and can kick the butt of the most powerful person in the story.

This is not acceptable. Mary-Sues/Gary-Stu’s aren’t realistic and can’t be realistically thrown into the plot. Make a character that is developed in every way and has flaws as well as strengths. No one wants to RP a cliché! Have fun and create your own UNIQUE characters. Seeing this definition should steer people away from creating this type of character.

Romance: Romance is fine! There is no reason people can’t be in love! However, there are times at which one should draw the line. Don’t drag out love scenes. If people are going to kiss/make-out please keep it to a minimal. We don’t want to read about people eating each other’s faces.

Same goes for “romantic” scenes. KISS (Keep It Simple Sam/Samantha) it.

Violence: People can fight, but I don’t want to see huge descriptions of bloody fights and such on the board. Grace over the really bad parts of the violence and just post the after effects if that’s better for you. Just consider other people when you post fight scenes and such.

Mature Threads: This site is rated M, because in life you never know what's gonna happen. This does NOT mean excessive violence, swearing or sex. Swearing is allowed but don't make it a second language. Since Rosetta Stone doesn't offer it, I don't consider it a language, kay? If there's gonna be sex, mark the thread with a [M] or [mature] just so those reading responses are expecting. If you want to fade to black, sure do that. It's not mandatory, but don't make it so graphic that this becomes a porn site.

Character Pregnancy: This actually ties in with the mature threads and romance rules. We will allow pregnancy for female characters. It does happen. However, I don't want every female character pregnant or having kids. Please use common sense!