OOC - Canons

This is only a short list of available show canons. Please note that the Humans could have been turned into a vampire, but there was no evidence in the show that they knew of their existence. There are more canons, but these are just a start and perhaps needed most. Names will be changed to show if the character is taken or not. To decipher the list meaning: the first name is that of the character (followed by pertinent information) - the second name will be a face claim (again followed by pertinent information


Nick Knight - Geraint Wyn Davies
Lucien LaCroix - Nigel Bennett
Janette DuCharme (Player can decide how she became a vampire again, but until then she is assumed to be dead) - Deborah Duchêne
Javier Vachon - Ben Bass
Urs - Kristin Lehman
Divia - Kathryn Long
Jacqueline A.K.A Monica, Ellen Simmons - Krista Bridges


Joe Reese - Blu Mankuma (however if the player wishes to play a younger human of him, use of a POC for a different face claim is allowed)


Those on this list have either been turned into a vampire, or they have remained human. This choice is up to the player. The face claim is if the player wishes to play them as a vampire, otherwise feel free to use a younger FC with the same hair and eye color.

Natalie Lambert - Catherine Disher
Tracy Vetter - Lisa Ryder (Courtney Greig portrayed a child version of Tracy in the episode “Dead of Night”)

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