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Summary: Enthusiastic amateur blogger, curious about the occult

June Simmons

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Gender: Female

Age: 32

Group: Humans

Physical Appearance

Normal Human woman with long blonde hair. Usually dresses smart professional for work.

Human Personality/Interests

Curious and tenacious. She's interested in the occult, and writesmany blogs about vampires, and the occult. But has never seen or met a Vampire, but is excited to tell the world about them.

Human Occupation

Office admin worker. She spends her free time blogging about the occult & the possibility of vampires, although is perceived as a crackpot to some,

Vampiric Enhancement (1 skill, talent, triat or expertise carried from human life)


Maker, if known



IT & writing skills. Handy with a selfie stick and notebook.


June moved to the USA for college/university, and stayed afterwards, getting an internship at a boring clerical company. Now, living in a flat on her own (except for a spotted cat called Meg),

Nationality (Before becoming a vampire)


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Image of June Simmons
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