The Book of Belial Part I

In the beginning there was Him, when stacked against oblivion Him decided to create us, and we were Many. Many of talents and duty, many of power and passion, but not of will. We watched as Him reached out his hand and as a shadow stretches out against a light-source, so to did stars, planets, worlds, creatures and all that is now stretched out from the hand of Him. Now us that are Many and with duty and power and passion went out to see all that was and to see all that had never been and to return to tell Him of his greatness from far and wide. Though it was not always so, for Him had placed Those Favored Above the Many;

Michael; The first of all of us, strong and loyal Him charged Michael to nurture and watch over Order while Order was still young and before Order could exist without supervision.

Gabriel; The youngest of the chosen, Him saw Gabriel's desire to please and enthuse and charged Gabriel to be a servant to the Many, knowing Gabriel's energy and passion to make all things better would benefit the Many in all tasks.

Rafeal; The most unfaltering of the chosen, Him did not charge, but requested that Rafeal carry the weight of Him and his healing strength so that should any of the Many be ill or hurt Rafeal would heal them as Him, and that all that had been made when Him reached out would be healed as well.

Lucifer; The second to Michael, chosen by Him to be favored, to sit beside and admired for his great beauty and flawless form, Him made Lucifer second after Michael and after seeing how impressive Michael was he created Lucifer for the purpose of companionship and friendship, it is said that all the Many were made with just less than Lucifer.

Those Favored Above the Many would take all that the Many found and learned about all that Him had created and bring it before Him in praise and glory.

When Order matured and no longer needed Michael to care for it, Order had an offspring and Order's offspring was Time and with Time's presence all the Many were astonished, never had anything been made without Him putting his hand out, some of the many were fearful, others were unsure of Time but all were amazed. During the presence of Time, Lucifer began to question Him about Time and Time's place and purpose. As Time grew and matured and continued, the Many settled and came to accept Time while others were still concerned.

Those concerned requested an audience with Lucifer the one most favored above the Many and begged that Lucifer ask, Him to bring light to Time. For the Many had noticed a change in all that had been made with the hand out stretched. Time as it grew was reaching all and all was being changed and there was some who were concerned and fearful. As requested Lucifer went before Him, brought the stories and the tales of what Time was doing, how Order was allowing Time to alter that which had been made, that which had been perfect. Lucifer describe the things that the concerned Many had seen and how Time was creating and changing on its own things that had not been, that Time was absurding that which Him had made. Lucifer looked upon Him with conviction and righteousness, and Him only responded that Lucifer should mind his place and not concern himself with what Order or Time is doing.

Feeling misprized Lucifer left, going out to beyond and looking for himself at all that had been made with the hand out stretched and how Time had affected it. Upon his journey he witnessed for himself Time bringing that which had been made to an end. Horrified at what Time had done Lucifer raced to Him and demanded action, demanded that Time be stopped, listing the many trespasses committed by Time. Stating that Time was acting as Him by taking away that which Him had created, Lucifer argued that Time must be punished if not ended for what had been done. Him stood and told Lucifer that he was told to place his interest and concern with Time away and far from himself, Him told Lucifer that Order was responsible for Time and that Lucifer had his place and that he should mind it or else he would be punished in the vain that he sought on others.

Enraged that Time had been allowed to do such things, that Him had allowed Time to hold that type of power and that Order was not even questioned about what his child Time was doing. Lucifer the one above all others had been reprimanded, soon word reached the Many that Time had brought and end to something that had been made with the out stretched hand and as with the birth of Time the Many were a fluster, those who were previously concerned now felt fear, fear that if Time was able to end that which had been made with the out stretched hand, then Time could possible have the power of Him to end the Many.

Lucifer went to his brother Michael asking him why he didn't stop Time with all his strength and power. It was then that Michael informed Lucifer that Him forbade Michael from interfering with Time, that Time was the responsibility of Order to watch over and that Order no longer rested with Michael as Order had left Michael and now resided on its own.

Lucifer raced to Rafeal and demanded to know why it was that he did not take the power to heal to all the things that Time was putting an end. Why he did not hear the pain that Time was bringing on all that had been. Rafeal informed his brother Lucifer that he did go to heal that which Time was ending, but that Order informed Rafeal that Him, asked Rafeal to stand down and not interfere.

With bewilderment rage and anger Lucifer went to the Many, those who feared what Time was doing and furious that Him would do nothing about Time or his horrors. Lucifer and the Many that stood with him decided to question Order about why he wasn't better controlling Time, why he would let Time end the perfection that Him had created. Lucifer with his Legion and sieged Order demanding that he answer for the things that Time had done demanding why he would allow it. Order informed Lucifer that Him had given Order and Time the authority to act in a natural way free of scrutiny. In disbelief that Him had granted Order and Time such power while not bestowing any on him, Lucifer the one above all others accused Order of lying, of making plans to remove and end the Many as well as Lucifer. Lucifer having been given no sword as Michael had and no power as Rafeal was given, he reached down with his bare hands and killed Order for lies against Him.

Those who stood with Lucifer were shocked that Lucifer ended Order, something that the Many thought only Him could do. Lucifer and his Legion went before Him with the body of Order and threw it down, calling to all the Many to stand with Lucifer, calling to his brothers Michael, Gabriel and Rafeal to stand unified against Him who would let Order make lies in his name and get away with it. Him who would allow Time the power that only Him had possessed, betraying all that Him had created and taught to the Many. Lucifer demanded that allowing those to act in such a way was to be looked upon as though Him had done it himself.

Him rose from his throne and stretched out his hand and spoke with a voice raised louder then it had ever been. Calling shame upon Lucifer, shame for not being obedient, shame for calling crimes against his fellow creation Time and Order, shame for refusing to trust and listen to Him, shame for slaying Order that Him had created, shame for calling your brethren to stand with you against Him, shame for feeding the fear of those who followed Lucifer and shame for standing against Him, me who favored you above all else, me who gave you life and me who now condemns. Him kept his hand stretched out as he spoke, the beauty and form I have given you will now fade and be tarnished as my love for you, the wings I bestowed upon you shall become leathery and black as your trust in me and your name Lucifer shall be stricken for your accusatory and adversarial nature you shall be Satan and you shall walk among you brethren and your home for ever known as the one who fell.

Infuriated at what had become of him, Lucifer called upon his Legion to attack Him and claim the throne for themselves. In a horrid battle that claimed the end of countless members of the Many, blood, tears and screams expanded to the ends of all that had been created. Him who had never left his throne screamed a scream that was so loud blood came out of the ears of all of the Many. Him raised his hand once more, calling the war to stop, condemning all those who stood with He Who Was Once Lucifer, to be cast down, cast to a place into a realm of darkness, of pain, of fire, of all the things that Lucifer had brought against the throne, that those who follow He Who Was Once Lucifer shall have to bath in this new realm until the orphaned Time deems it for the Many and He Who was Once Lucifer to end. With that He Who Was Once Lucifer and his Legion fell, fighting as if against a current at sea until they could fight against it no more.

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