The haters

June got home from work and started unbuttoning the blouse she'd been wearing all day. Her office required a certain professional type of clothing, but she couldn't wait to get out of them, into her comfy sweater at home.

There was a chill in the apartment, as usual, the boiler was on the blink and she'd been putting off getting it fixed for almost a week now.

She threw on a black sweater, it hadn't been washed in almost a week, but was comfy and warm, and so much more comfortable than what she'd been wearing all day.

She opened her laptop. Last night she'd written quite a long blog post about how Lucifer was real, and was raising a legion, all based on an old book she'd found in the library.

She was pleased to see there was a comment on her blog post. Initially she smiled, but then saw what was written.

"Lolz, you don't actually believe this crap do you?" is what it said, from an anonymous poster.

"Gah!" June slammed the laptop shut. "Idiots!" She shouted to no-one in particular.

That was when her cat walked over, doing a stretch first, as it had been sleeping.

"Oh Meg! Why do I waste all this time blogging about Vampires if people don't believe it? Maybe I need... some proof!"

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