The Book of Belial Book 6 Vol. 1

Many moons had passed since The Fallen had manipulated the humans into their cults that they began to believe themselves deities. As with all courses in human history, when one group grows others fear it and as they had been taught, anything they fear must be destroyed.

The Fallen who had taken the name Moloch had grown in power and influence over the humans, so much so that He Who Was Once Lucifer allowed him much more freedom and power then others of the Fallen. He Who Was Once Lucifer enjoyed Moloch’s influence more then others of The Fallen because Moloch had convinced the humans that the sacrifice of infants would garner them the greatest rewards and blessings. But not wanting to sacrifice their own children, priests of Moloch would conduct regular scouting journeys where the villagers strongest men would go out and steal women and children from neighboring villages and bring them back so that the women can be raped and forced to birth children destined for sacrificed, the wailing was music to He Who Was Once Lucifer knowing that Him on his throne could hear it as well.

The Ritual of Moloch: Hoping to appease Moloch and be blessed with great rewards, his worshipers would take a child born without defect, a child would be any male who shows no signs of maturity and should he have mature hair, he should have never laid with another. Or a child would be any female who shows no signs of shedding her inner body and has never laid with another. These children would be taken by the worshipers, or by individuals who wanted special prayers answered by Moloch, the children would be bound, they would have some kind of token or totem or object that symbolized the prayer request tied around their neck, then deep cuts placed across the inner elbow, behind the knees under the arms and one across the belly button before having their mouth sown shut or tongue removed because they feared that the child would rebuke Moloch and make the ritual rejected and lastly the child would be thrown into a kiln.

Anat another of The Fallen who was extremely powerful and had raised a cult of worshipers as many others did, came into conflict with her brethren Moloch. Anat had raised a cult of females who would seduce and beguile men, only to bound, mutilate, torture and kill them, taking their food, clothing and materials for survival. If any men they came across was married with children Anat’s worshipers would take the man for their rituals and force the woman to kill her children to show devotion to Anat or be put through the same ritual as her husband. Anat, forbade her worshipers from having children as the great Anat did not have children, if a woman had a daughter, the worshipers would have them fight to the death and the survivor would be allowed to live and serve Anat, the great and powerful warrior goddess. But if a woman had a son, the worshipers would make the woman perform their ritual onto her son or die by the ritual herself.

The Ritual of Anat: In honor of and hoping to be blessed with riches and power the followers of Anat who sacrifice men and the more masculine and powerful the more of a blessing they would receive. First the five high priestesses would lay with the man with the goal of getting pregnant with daughters to grow their number of natural born worshipers. If the man was successful at engaging with all five priestesses, he would have his neck slit open and have his body burnt on a pyre and then eaten by the priestess. However, if the man was unsuccessful at performing with all five, he would be bound having his fingers and toes removed, his genitals mutilated and removed and then set on fire alive.

It is not clear what started the conflict between the worshipers of Moloch and the worshipers of Anat, some say that Moloch’s worshipers absconded with worshipers of Anat for their sacrificial rituals. Others claim Anat’s worshipers captured a high priest of Moloch and performed their ritual on him, while others believe that both Moloch and Anat grew jealous of each other and the growth of their cults. What is known is that this feud between powerful members of The Fallen: Moloch and Anat gave birth to The Triune.

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