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Summary: "In Unity, there is Strength"

Jackson Redwood

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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: The Forgotten





Bike Type

Black 2020 Indian Scout

Physical Appearance

6'3, 120 pounds, dark brown hair, green eyes, muscular, black leather jacket, black helmet, tends to have bruised knuckles.

Personality and interests

Intimidating person, leader, calm but can get pissed off easily, takes boxing classes, shoots guns, loyal, can be kind hearted, when he gets set on a goal he will stop at nothing to achieve it.


His father founded The Forgotten and taught him how to ride motorcycles, he fought a lot and his father engraved the idea that loyalty is what matters most and without loyalty The Forgotten are nothing. The mantle of MC President eventually fell on him when a member of The Fallen Brothers shot his father in a shootout.

Favourite Sayings

"In Unity there is Strength"


Switchblade, P226, and his fists

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Image of Jackson Redwood
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