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Summary: A short, sweet-looking but violent girl with long dark hair

Martha Redwood

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: The Forgotten





Bike Type

Harley-Davidson Street 500 XG500

Physical Appearance

Has a cute baby face, but appearances are deceptive! Martha has long dark hair, which she tucks up inside her helmet. She wears leathers, when on the bike, or just casually.
She wears large boots which make her much taller than she actually is.

Personality and interests

Usually very calm, except when taunted, and can get angry real quick. She can get violent rages where she's almost unstoppable.


Joined the club a year ago with her fiance, who was killed on their wedding day by a hit from a rival gang. She remained a member.

Favourite Sayings

"You wouldn't want to make me angry"



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Image of Martha Redwood
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