A homeless man?

A homeless man hobbled up towards the pair of men on one side of the motel. He was hunched, pushing a shopping cart, and covered in a oversized, filthy trench coat. He was muttering to himself and paying the men no mind, even as they berated him. One of pair approached him and began to yell at him to get away.

*Martha is watching this*

Once the man is only a few feet away, the homeless man rams him hard with the cart, knocking him over. He runs to him, kicks him across the face, and withdraws a wrench from the cart and cracks the other man in the skull with it who was too stunned to react. Then he stands up straight, takes off the dirty rag, revealing a MC cut. He tucks the wrench into his vest, inside holster, and proceeds to pull out a hand-cannon from the other shoulder holster.

Sneaking along the side of the building, he comes up behind the pacing man, and pistol whips him. He rifles through the man's pockets and finds a key, at which point he strolls over to the motel room with the lit up window. He faces the street and bows, turns and opens the hotel room door.

Anyone watching closely can tell there is a struggle in the room and within a minute, the man returns to the room's door, beckoning anyone watching to come...

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