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Summary: Dip your heart into darkness; only the purest come out untainted.


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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Wanderers



Hails from the kingdom of Rolston.


Adventurer, does odd jobs here and there.

Alto was gifted with special marks that bestow upon him grey magics. The marks are "living" and can change and shift, causing his spells to change periodically.

Alto is decently skilled with his dagger, said to be made of a mysterious rose-tinted material that would never dull. Alto also has some training in martial arts, as is customary for most members of his clan.


The Marked One

Sword Ears

The Boy With the Moving Tattoos

Physical Appearance

Alto stands at five feet and six inches. His skin is tanned dark and his body is worn and strong from a life of manual labor and hard work, and it is covered in tattoos that actively shift and move, as if alive. His mask has a black figure painted on that, representative of a spirit believed to watch over anyone it is close to, hence it's being on Alto's mask. As a side effect of the development of his magic and his marks, Alto's hair has strangely grown snow white.

Personality and interests

Alto is adventure-loving, down for a good fight every now and again, and hard-headed due to his free-spirited attitude and love for adventure, as well as his rather prevalent ignorance of most things outside of his clan village.


Among his clan, there were whispers of a warrior who bore skin that spoke. It was spoken in hushed tones between the children for fear that the elders would overhear. The older ones always insisted on debunking this old legend, "a tall-tale comparable to something you would tell kids at bedtime."

Surely, the elders' influence set in, as the children aged into men and women, these old stories were abandoned as just that, childhood memories, faded and unimportant. That was until the Boy With the Moving Tattoos arose. Alto was born, and from day one he was met with awe, both positive and negative in nature. As a mere infant, he bore dark marks that danced across his skin, and when his hair began to grow in, it was dashed with specs of grey and white, the discoloration only increased with age.

The truth was, those old legends we're indeed true, but the last Marked One lived and died several centuries ago. "There would be no more Marked Ones." They were wrong.

Alto was treated with both reverence and suspicion. This wasn't like the coming of some long-awaited hero. There was no rite of passage, no hero's trial, no one had expected his coming. Not even the elders we're sure what to do with him, and the development of his mysterious magic and its apparent connection to dark powers only made matters worse.

When Alto reached the age of 18, he had come of the proper age to leave the village and decided that he was going to go out and find answers as to he exactly he was, both literally and spiritually. Both curious and weary from his antics, the clan's elders permitted his leave, and thus his adventure began.


His clan.

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