Fight or Run?

Alto's squinted as the strange woman suddenly became very hard to see, like a ray of sun had caught his sight and disrupted his vision. He blinked once, then again, and noticed she was moving.

'Why doesn't she respond?'

Alto slunk around the hut to try and intercept her, sure he could draw her attention if only he just got a little closer. Still, there was something off, but Alto wasn't sure what, as he got closer, he noticed the woman seemed to have gotten rather...see-through all of a sudden?

'How did she....'

Alto's thoughts were interrupted when he noticed a shadow approaching. The woman was utterly unresponsive to this so Alto took that as a cue to do the same. But what could she have possibly been doing here? Alto had got the general notion that perhaps she hadn't wanted to draw the attention of those bat-faced men, he guessed they were as nasty as he thought. He wanted to get closer, but then the tall bat person came around the corner. His eye went to the hands, fingers long and gnarled with sharp claws at the end, cruel mace-like weapons in either hand, then the face, mouth curled into a fang-filled scowl, scars all over. He felt a strange pressure in his chest and realized that he did not want to get closer after all. But the girl... She wasn't moving, it was going to see her!

Move! Alto thought, but the words didn't come out. The thing was almost around the corner. He felt his instincts claw at him from the inside; it was a thing, it was wild creature that wanted to hurt him. Alto felt himself starting to panic as his eyes darted between the girl's static form and the beast. His heart started to pound, sweat started to drip. Nervous anticipation set in and he could feel blood rushing through him.

Fight or Run
Fight or Run
Fight or Run?

Alto's teeth ground against each other and his grip on his knife tightened.

Fight, always.

He bolted forward, eyes laser-focused on the woman.

"Look out!" He shouted, leaping towards the figure with his arms extended, only to catch empty, dust-laden air. His heart sank as he pressed one hand and two feet into the ground and skidded to a stop, absolutely empty-handed. Eyes darting upward, there was the bat-man, it snarled and growled at its discovery of an outsider. He had no time and little choice, he trusted his empty hand up towards its face, "N'guvu!"


His hands shook in nervous anticipation as the beast prepared to swing its gnarly mace. Though, before it could so much as wind back, a burst of smoky wind compressed into a tangible thing crashed into it and sent it reeling, before soon dispersing into nothing but empty air. At the angle he had fired, its jaw was sent upward, and the force was so great that for a moment its feet left the ground. It only flew up an inch or two before it came crashing down with a thud loud enough to make any rogue wince.



"What the hell was that?!"

Alto's head whipped around, one last attempt to find this mysterious girl, but at the sound of thundering footsteps and a recovering bat-faced beast, Alto knew instantly he couldn't stick around. Blast it, he had to move.

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