Guardian Spirit

The already chaotic situation only got more so soon after Alto's discovery. A sort of purple mist began to form, clouding both his and his enemies' field of view. Nevertheless, it might have proved a boon and allowed him to escape yet. He broke into something of a cautious jog, careful not to end up bumping into whatever lied in front of him. He remembered there being forest over to the left, if he could get to the trees he was certain he could then free himself of this mess. But first, the present.

While the fog did well to obscure long-range vision, once close enough not even Alto was completely obscured, and thusly, Alto found himself in a skirmish the moment he entered one of the green men's line of sight. He was big and strong, obviously stronger than Alto, but the marked boy was much, much faster. He swung his greatsword down, Alto responded with a deft side-step, before dashing forward. He thrust his elbow into the unarmored back of the soldier's knee, and his stance buckled as a result, sending him down onto one knee. The green man made to swing, his armor too heavy for him to recover all that easily. Alto leaped this time over the lower attack, gripping the man by his helmet and sent his knee crashing into the soldier's unprotected chin. There was a loud sound of teeth clashing against each other, and the soldier fell to the ground overcome by pain. A small victory, but he could still hear others searching wildly for any intruders, now was Alto's time to bolt.

He stood and sprinted, zipping in a straight line and internally praying to every spirit he could think of that he didn't crash into a mud wall before he hit the tree line. He noticed the backs of two soldiers and felt dread in his heart a little. He couldn't fight again, the act of fighting in of itself was tremendously less fun when the other persons wanted you dead. No thank you! Alto zipped in between them, and they had no hope of reacting fast enough to catch him as he passed by. But he still wasn't home free, because as he turned to make sure the mean green men were no longer pursuing him, he bumped into something that felt alive. He jumped and whirled around, springing into a combat stance. This one had skin of a greyish shade, with hard looking black spots like a molten rock here and there. And he bore horns. Wait, horns? Of course! It must have been the horned guardian spirit M'Lezi in corporeal form! The very spirit depicted on his own mask. It must have come to give him aid and guard his life! Instantly, Alto fell to a knee chanting praise in his mother tongue, and in spite of the current threat. No mere mortal could faze a guardian spirit! Praise and prayer concluded, he waited for the spirit to unveil his ultimate power and decimate the puny soldier that dared challenge it.

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