Look-Like M'lezi

"Hey, I hate to stop your praising session, but I got things to do."

Alto looked up at the supposed spirit in utter puzzlement. Why had it spoken in that language? M'lezi was a spirit native to the faith of his people, why did it speak this foreign language?

Alto gazed up and was met by a cold stare of mild annoyance. No, perhaps he had been mistaken?

Alto stared in horror as the being, whatever it was, looked riled and took off towards the commotion. Alto sputtered, "M'Lezi? M'Lezi! M-d-pft-ugh Look-Like!"

They refused to look back, and ran off into the purple smoke, the opacity blinding Alto of anything five feet in that direction.

Deflated and disappointed, Alto turned towards the forest, then back towards the purple most at the sound of a mass cacophony of commotion. Alto stood, head tilting in curious confusion as he wondered what exactly was transpiring within. He didn't want to go back, though, he remembered those green men and their snarling faces, they seemed to be the nasty types with impure souls, corrupted and corroded in mind and body. Not exactly the best crowd to hang out with.

Alto's mind drifted to the others, the girl, the Cat-like man, and Look-Like, the one who he had mistaken for M'lezi. He wondered if they had impure and unbalanced spirits as well. As he thought this, he noticed a silhouette bouncing within the mist. He soon made the figure out as a moving person, quite fast at that, coming in his direction.

"Run!" He heard distantly, far and faded, though growing in volume all the same. Soon nothing was left to the imagination as three individuals burst out of the mist, and it was beginning to visibly fade now. The girl, the Cat-man, and the Look-Like, they all sprinted toward himself and the trees. He noticed the girl was clutching a bag tightly, he wondered what it was to her.

Their eyes locked, his and the girl's. She seemed infinitely panicked and obviously, Alto hadn't gotten the memo.

"Get out of here!" She shouted as she passed him, and without any word further, bolted into the trees.

"Get...out?" Alto questioned, slow on the uptake, however, all was made perfectly clear as the smoke utterly dissipated, and now revealed was a concerning number of armored green-men, and one huge man slowly made his approach, two mean-looking axes in either hand and a gnarly grin on his face. This man looked the epitome of impurity and corruption. His skin was grey for spirit's sake! No, Alto understood completely now.

Instincts kicked in, and like a deer having seen a predator in the distance, Alto turned on his heels and bolted. He ran in the general direction of the girl and the others, though it seemed as if they had ran for their lives, and were nowhere to be seen. Still, Alto could not stay here any longer, he needed to escape to...somewhere.

Continuing to sprint, Alto caught the sounds of angry green-men soldiers behind him but closing in, and, curiously, the something not dissimilar to the repetitive booms of several trees being felled. Alto wasn't exactly keen on finding out what was doing such a thing, but he would have no choice, as a crash sounded what sounded like feet from him and dirt flew up into the sky around him. Alto attempted to shield himself, fixing to jump back at the sight of a trunk, but none came. His brows furrowed. The dirt too seemed strange, his hand glided unperturbed through the flung dirt clods. What could have been causing this? Now he was curious. Alto proceeded forward, albeit slowly and warily. More booms, more dirt, but no trees. He couldn't at all place what he must have been experiencing. Unless, Magic? This must have been the result of some form of magic, no other explanation seemed to suffice. Alto wasn't exactly sure about the how, but Alto had concluded that some form of magic was making it seem as if trees we're falling without any actually doing so. Curious indeed.

"Hey! Is that one of them?!"

Alto whirled around, seeing two soldiers, seemingly detached from the rest approaching with weapons drawn. Alto grunted in response, dashing behind brush and branch before immediately scaling the nearest tree. With the skill of a bear, Alto made his way to the top in time to perch upon a branch and look down on the bewildered soldiers. He let out a sigh, they would never be able to catch him up here, what with their encumbering armor and weapons. Alto deftly leapt from branch to branch to put distance between himself and the green-men, and that was when he saw them. The three from before, standing all together and passing around bags of something. Alto then looked to the lumbering soldiers, and then the three, they were on a direct collision course! And it was his own fault for having steered them that way! Alto continued tree-hopping until he was positioned above the three people, just in time for the gnarly green-men to burst out of the trees.

"There you are! Thought you could hide!?"

The three braced for combat, but before just about anyone could react, Alto bounded down between the two parties. Taking a combative stance, Alto breathed and focused, the marks on his wrists shivered in anticipation. Thrusting forward, grey smoke shot out, spiraling forcefully towards the two soldiers.


The soldiers reeled but could not react in time to evade the attack, and as such was sent flying. They landed awkwardly with thugs and blanks, too impaired to stand back up. There were groans, but soon all faded to silence and there was nothing but the trees. The sound of soldiers was very distant, it seemed as if none of the other green-men were currently anywhere close now.

Alto proceeded to dust himself off, before turning to the three, overcome with curiosity as to who exactly these people were, especially the horned one. He didn't speak, but the others looked as if they had something to say...

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