My Question

"What," she said finally, "were you doing in the middle of a Karint camp? Do you have any idea how dangerous they are?"

Alto stared at the girl wordlessly, before tilting his head in a quizzical manner.

"No... What is a Kar-Ent?

He lowered into a crouch, casually reaching for the girl's bag only for her to whip it out of his reach. He reeled slightly in surprise and, refusing to stand from his crouch, looked up at the woman.

"You took this bag. Why? What is there in it?"

He looked on intently, his gaze shifting between the three, taking in the strange but curious appearances of the other two now that he had time to do so. His eyes were bright and wide, eagerly awaiting a response. There was a strong sense of innocence about him, especially in his eyes, but with that innocence came naivety. Such a disposition though, often bred the purest hearts. And the blindest eyes.

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