New Names, New Faces

Erin looked to see the mask kid again, "You again!? Seriously where do you come from.....hold on. Are you a worshiper of spirits?" Alan raised his brow as Erin examined the kid.

Alto continued looking at the group. He had expected the girl to answer, the horned person spoke first. Noticing that he had asked a question, Alto answered in turn, "Yes, the Spirits protect us from corruption and keep us pure. Alive also."

After having heard his answer, the horned man nodded.

"Thought so, okay. Vera I'll answer your question in a minute. Okay kid, that bag is filled with coins, stuff people in cities use to trade things. Also, I'm not a spirit, I'm a Helling. Do you know what that is?"

"Hell-eng? " Alto asked curiously, he had never heard such a word before. He wasn't sure what exactly would be the best response, but settled on, " You are called Hell-eng? I am Alto. Al-to."

Alto followed with a slight and quick now, before turning to the other two and looking on expectantly, not at all picking up on that fact that this person's name may not in be "Hell-eng". Everyone knew everyone where he was from, so learning the names of outsiders was a bit exciting to him, he bounced on the balls of his feet as he stood eagerly awaiting their introductions.

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