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Summary: "Site secure, clear to land construction vehicles."


Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Freelancers

Avatar Description

Female with mixed eurasian appearances, probably closest to German, with the physicality of a super soldier standing at six feet ten inches. She leaves her hair blonde in color and often tied back in a shockingly simple and professional style bun.

Severe burns mar her left side in permanent scarring, and when not in her combat loadout she's often wearing a GDI style military officer Class-A uniform


GDI "Commando" Battlearmour
GDI "Commando" Integrated Helm
GDI "Commando" Jump Pack
GDI "Commando" Railcarbine
Field Knife, Takedown
Field RTS Data Pad
Field Mineral Scanner




Currently works as a terraformer and architect within the OASIS, often tackling extremely hostile environments for high paying individuals who don't want to risk losing their progress when claiming a site for themselves.

Favorite OASIS Activities

Is known for having an almost unchallenged presence on the RTS scene of many high tech-level worlds, and favors the use of GDI and UNSC forces in the field.

However, she mostly enjoys the building side of it, drilling for hard to access resources and earning credits by making the most of extremely hostile environments across the OASIS.

Favorite OASIS Locations

Its expressed on her public bio that she loves to site see the Halo Array and the Starkiller Base, though these sites tend to explode on a regular basis.

She can most commonly be found however on mixed title resource worlds, and keeps a running portfolio of scenes encountered on public display such as alien wildlife and ancient structures generated in the OASIS.

"Real Life" Character's Name

Alexis Polanski

"Real Life" Character's Bio

A retired US ARMY lieutenant currently living in the mountains of Montana on government benefits, she tends a small self sustaining farm that she regularly has to disconnect from the OASIS to maintain, though she has never actually told anyone this is the reason.

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