Intro - Tribute

10 December 2046 – 02:44 OST

I believe it goes without saying, none of us actually expected things to blow out of proportion the way things did. I certainly didn’t want to get roped into all this, but life doesn’t seem to ever show respect for what we do with ourselves. We try to get fixed up, try to right some wrongs we made, dress nice for the dance, and life… well she sees what we're doing and says “Okay, but why should I let you?”

Well, I’m certain by now everyone has heard Parzival's story. Not bad, either, saved the OASIS, set the stage for all of us to get back to situation normal. Plus, he forced everyone to actually take days off from the sim, make everyone look around and get thinking about how to fix our real-world problems.

Trouble is, life is still a bitch. And she hates you and everything you do.

Now I’m not advocating on becoming a stone-cold spiteful bastard, you’ll see how that plays out later. I am going to say however that, if life were a peach instead, we wouldn’t have all these stories to tell. And we wouldn’t have heroes letting life know she should let us gave some time off or she'll catch some hands trying to take that away from us.

Anyway, I won’t waste time. Plenty of other stories to be told, and everyone’s got an angle on just how badly IOI got whipped in the end. So… my name is Ca1liburnxFr0st, and this is my story.

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