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More than meets the cycle

So, back into my Light Cycle. Well, maybe not right now. If all I did was escape into the Grid to blank out the rest of the world, I might go mad still. Sure, when I first got into a groove in the OASIS, Tron became one of my favorite themes. I was obsessed, and made some serious coin as I got good at the games. And then like others, I lost the money on silly gambles, games, and useless purchases.

Pizza Hut ordered from within the OASIS delivered to my shanty? Not worth the surcharge in my view. Although it's quite convenient. Now that I have things under control, I still order food like that. But back in the beginning, I should have been more... frugal.

So today I'm doing something different. Different for you, or any of my friends, but not for me.

Blossoms. Cherry blossoms. They were falling like snow, but the warm breeze told a different story. One might assume Japan, or a garden designed as if it were there. Supposedly there was a park of some sort in Seattle before the world went to crap. Perhaps this is a reproduction of that.

Pink snow flakes, petals, the result of a warm spring day in an orchard. Glancing around the small valley with the small pond working its way through the middle, the few large stones and walkways and benches and small pagodas both blend in and add a noticeable charm.

There were several avatars milling about, mostly in appropriate attire from medieval Japan and the height of the Samurai culture. There was one figure who stood out in darker garb, black robes with almost-lit-up stripes, hood up.

This was the sort of place that could change anyone's mood, let one escape the troubles of--

"Hey D, you there?" The voice came over Daiton's connection.

He breathed in and paused before responding. "Yup, I'm on. What's up?"

"Got some news for you. You know a Gunter named SynchronX?"

Yes, I did, but that's a story for another time. "No, why?"

"He's askin' for you. We need to meet."

These are the kind of situations you avoid. People who only know you from something in the past asking for you through your comrades. That could only mean one of a few things.

"Ok, name the time and place."

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