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Summary: Local chief of the Soviet Secret Police

Nikolai Sokolovich

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Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Soviet


South East Russian


Nikolai is currently the highest ranking NKVD official in Vladivostok. A reletively charismatic and influential man, Nikolai also has a lot of underground connections that have helped him thrive in the cloak and dagger operations the of the various Secret Police organizations he has worked for.


Major of State Security, Vladivostok, NKVD

Physical Appearance

Nikolai stands at about 5'10" (1.78 meters) with a heavily lined and ruddy face. He maintains a light, well trimmed beard and mustache.

He is relatively fit, if not quite as fit as a healthy professional soldier.

Personality and Interests

Nikolai has experienced a lot through the tumultous times that have beset his country. Nowadays, his priorities are to preserve his country, protect what is left of his family, and further the Communist cause in China, but his goals weren't always so idealistic.

Although his temper has improved greatly over the years, when his patience is heavily tested, the beast can emerge and it isn't pretty. Otherwise, he does come across as being fairly friendly by NKVD standards (which isn't saying much).


Born to a well to do conservative bourgeoisie family in Vladivostok, then part of the Russian Empire, Nikolai, a typical middle child, was the black sheep of the family. Falling in with a rough crowd before he finished schooling, he never went off to university.

He was conscripted late in the Great War but deserted fairly soon after the February Revolution toppled the Czar. He made it back to Vladivostok shortly before to October Revolution saw the rise of the Bolsheviks to power, and he was in the city when the Allies invaded and occupied it. Now living mostly with his outlaw friends, Nikolai and his gang fought as partisans against the invaders for multiple years and provided information to the advancing Red Army, earning the attention of Communist Party, which would enable many of them, including Nikolai, to get positions within the new government. Through this, Nikolai was able to get a job with the GPU, which then become the OGPU, which later merged into the NKVD...

During his early years with the secret police, Nikolai developed a serious opioid addiction that caused him to become seriously corrupt (opium ain't cheap) and to sponsor drug smuggling routes through China. The relationships he developed with Chinese smugglers would pay off years down the road, but at the time the opium and the corruption was detrimental to his health and local relationships, so much so that his family (which had fallen on hard times after all the turmoil of the revolutions and wars) staged and intervention through the Russian Orthodox Church and helped Nikolai become sober. Nikolai's relationship with his family healed greatly in this time.

Unfortunately, Nikolai's family still held onto their conservative political and religious beliefs, which was not a safe thing to do at this time in the Stalinist Soviet Union.

Known Languages

Russian, Mandarin Chinese, and a good bit of German, just enough to hold a conversation and mostly understand intercepted documents.

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