OOC - Character Label Descriptions

Character Group

When choosing a group, ideally choose one that the character is aligning themself with. I'll elaborate on some of the less obvious ones.

Commonwealth refers to all subjects still under the nominal rule of the British Empire. This includes Brits, Australians, Canadians, Indians, and Burmese and Malasians not collaborating with Japan.

Nationalist Chinese refers to people loyal (or at least nominally loyal) to the official Chinese government, known as the Republic of China (RoC), which was ruled by a political party called the Kuomintang (KMT).

Communist Chinese, also known as the Communist Party of China (CPC) was fighting a civil war against the KMT before the escalation of violence by Japan forced the two parties to put aside their differences to fight the bigger foe. Relations between the two factions were never cordial though.

Neutral Chinese refers to any Chinese people that, with their homeland torn apart by war, don't really consider themselves to be governed by any faction.

Imperial Japanese refers to loyal subjects of the Japanese Empire, including those of colonized territories such as Korea and Taiwan.

Japanese Collaborators are people in Japanese puppet states like Manchukuo, Miajiang, and Siam who are supporting, or at the very least not resisting, Japan. This group also can be used for people in occupied or not-yet-occupied territories that are aiding Japan like Subhas Chandra Bose and Wang Jingwei.


State the character's homeland, ethnic heritage, and the like.


What does this person do for a living and what are they good at?


What is this person's Rank(s) or Title(s) in the organization(s) that they work for. If the character is a total plebian and doesn't have a rank or title cause their organization is lame, either list "none" or get creative.

Physical Description

Pretty self explanatory. Please provide enough details that another writer can describe your character's appearence in their posts and we'd know it was your character they were describing. Also, for the love of the Emperor, please don't say "See pic". Most pictures are not going to comfortably describe your character's size.

Personality and Interests

What things stand out about this person's behavior? What kinds of hobbies does this person have? What things motivate this character to be who they are?


How did this character get to where they are at their introduction in the story? What kinds of things happened in their past that influence their current course of action?

Known Languages

List languages your character knows here. If no comments are listed beside a given language, we will assume the character can speak and write in that language fluently.