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Summary: Determined to protect the America and the world through science!

Damon Lyons

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Gender: Male

Age: 56

Group: Member of The Storm Syndicate




Mechanical Engineer. Army Captain (retired)


Senior Researcher

Personality and interests

Damon is dedicated to his job, maintaining the focus he gained a West Point cadet. His only real interests outside of research are physical fitness (exercising nearly every day) and cooking.


Damon decided very early in life what his goals were to be. First, he wanted to join the Army, as his father had done during Vietnam. Second, he wanted to be an engineer. More specifically, a mechanical engineer. With that in mind, he earned his Bachelor of Science at Tuskegee, while also part of their ROTC program. After graduation, he was able to attend West Point and graduated near the top of his class. Almost immediately after graduation, the First Gulf War began, and Damon was assigned to weapons research with a mechanized infantry unit that eventually helped liberate Kuwait. When the Second Gulf War took place, he was stateside for the most part and found to his surprise that he missed being in near to combat. He unable to convince his superiors that he could be of immense value being close to where the action was to observe the efficiency of the weapons and armor he helped develop, claiming that he was too valuable to risk his life. Though he disagreed, he followed orders and made Captain by the end of the war.

Finally realizing that he had done as much as could in his mind in the Army as a researcher, Damon retired, and went back to school to earn two Master Degrees (Electrical Engineering and Space Systems) while working on his Doctorate in Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Propulsion. Ironically, with his Doctorate, he ended up teaching back at his alma mater Tuskegee University, while still maintaining an advisory position with the Army. It was the latter that had brought him to the attention of the TSS, and they decided to recruit him shortly after Damon had pass on becoming tenured. He was hired on as one of the senior engineering researchers, with a focus on both offensive and defensive systems.

Favourite Sayings

Cooking a souffle is very similar to finding the right combination of materials for tank armor. The only real difference is that people don’t necessarily die when the former collapses. That’s why we have make sure to try to get it right the first time.

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Image of Damon Lyons
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