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Summary: An ordinary girl with an extraordinary parasite

Nikki Molenaar

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Civilian


Born in the Netherlands, parents moved to the US after 'the incident'.


Paranormal investigator

Nikki has an alien parasite of unknown origin attached to her brainstem. It is visible as a faintly pulsing purple sack on the back of her neck. She keeps it covered with her hair or with hoodies. Researchers have determined that removing the parasite with the current level of Earth technology would leave Nikki either dead or paralyzed.

However, the parasite seems to feed on certain brainwaves, and to this end it has given Nikki psychic and telekinetic abilities. These abilities are still a bit erratic, however, and may activate or deactivate without warning.


Nikki is a research subject for TSS and is classified as a civilian asset, as she is sometimes used to investigate paranormal activity, as the Syndicate has few real psychics and to study the effects of the paranormal on her parasite.

Personality and interests

Nikki is rather shy but friendly. She gets on particularly well with Barbara, the junior IT technician, often swapping series or music.


When she was 19, Nikki was an ordinary teen in Utrecht, the Netherlands, starting her first year at University. After a party, she crossed through the park to get home. Something fell from a tree and landed on her head. Something wet. The last thing she remembers before passing out is a sharp sting in the back of her neck.

Thus begun a hellish year where everything seemed to go wrong at the same time. Nikki hears voices, sees apparitions, things around her move on their own. She rapidly runs out of plates and cups because they keep smashing on the ground or the walls. Finally, after a several week long series of calls, her parents manage to relocate to the US so Nikki can be committed to the Storm Syndicate.

Nikki only gets to see her parents once a week now, but her condition is improving. She is steadily gaining more control over the parasite, though it is unclear whether she is actually beating it, as it does appear to be getting bigger over the years...

Favourite Sayings

None in particular, but she is fond of directly translating Dutch proverbs, which usually means they become indecipherable nonsense.

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Image of Nikki Molenaar
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