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Summary: Dr. Singh is The Storm Syndicate's Chief Psychologist

Dr. Rajish Singh

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Gender: male

Age: 58

Group: Member of The Storm Syndicate




Dr. Singh is the chief psychologist of The Storm Syndicate. His primary missions are to evaluate anomalies that can be psychologically examined, and to provide support to the team -- especially after disturbing anomalies and situations are encountered.


Chief Psychologist

Personality and interests

Before joining TSS, Dr. Singh was an avid fisherman. He spent a lot of time on his boat, and at his Virginia Beach vacation home. Dr. Singh is serious about his profession, having written a number of peer-reviewed articles, and working to advance his science, but he also has a lighthearted and funny demeanor, always seeking to add a little joy to everyone else's day.


Dr. Singh was born in Mumbai. As a boy, he sold trinkets on the streets, and worked hard on his studies. He didn't enjoy "down time" and found it wasteful.

He attended the University of Delhi, where he obtained his Master's Degree in psychology and counseling. He then transferred to Johns Hopkins University in the United States, becoming Chief of Psychology at Johns Hopkins Hospital at just 34 years of age.

TSS discovered Dr. Singh when he treated a team member for severe PTSD after an especially brutal anomaly encounter. He left Hopkins to become an official member of the team in 2016.

Favourite Sayings

"To figure out what is crazy, one must first discern what normal means, and there is no normal."

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Image of Dr. Rajish Singh
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