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Summary: F6A Charon is a gifted spiritual sensitive, as well as a magician, and entertainer.

File 6 Agent Charon

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Gender: male

Age: 29

Group: Member of The Storm Syndicate


Charon is an American, but is well traveled. He spent most of his teen years touring Europe, lodging in youth hostels.


Charon is a practitioner of a number of different kinds of magic, most of which are not fully understood by the team. He financed his European tour doing formal shows, or playing the streets to make a few dollars.

Charon always knew he was different. He is intensely sensitive to spirits, and has helped many to "cross over" to the other side -- like Charon the Ferryman of Greek mythology.

He legally changed his name to Charon at the age of 21, and no longer acknowledges his birth name, John Dekker.


F6A/File 6 Agent

File 6 Agents are similar to Special Civilian Authority personnel. The difference is that they have been granted full agent status. SCAs are essentially associate members of the team with a critical specialty.

Personality and interests

Charon is a private man when it comes to his life experience, but he enjoys entertaining with magic or stories of the spirit realm. He has a very large personality publicly, despite being extremely introspective when he's alone.

Though his gothic appearance can be intimidating or off-putting to some, he is a good man, a loyal friend, and a devoted team member. He spends his free time listening to death metal music and reading unusual books.


As mentioned earlier, Charon spent is teen years touring Europe, perfecting magic as a craft and learning about his spiritual sensitivity. Not much is known about his formative years or formal education, but his father, John Dekker I, is a respected oncologist at Duke University Medical Center.

Favourite Sayings

"Man, this realm ain't always good. But the ghosts tell me the next one is kickin'."

"If I can deceive your eyes, I can deceive your soul. It's the plight of man, man."

"Reincarnation wasn't real. Then I got to heaven. They sent my ass back here in a hurry."

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Image of File 6 Agent Charon
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