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Summary: A shape shifting cat that tags along for fun

Cheshire (Anomaly #0005)

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Other


Cheshire's origin is unknown however he currently resides mostly in California and generally converses in English.


Consultant: Although officially considered an anomaly, Cheshire has taken a clear liking to the members of TSS, Zero in particular (much to his ire) and tends to show up unannounced on campus referring to himself as a consultant. When he's bored he will sometimes tag along on missions he finds interesting, especially if he was told not to go. Zero has made it clear that Cheshire is not welcome on missions.

Shapeshifter: Although he is technically considered a shapeshifter, to TSS's knowledge he has only ever appeared in two forms. His most common appearance on campus is that of a large overly fluffy ginger cat with sharp green eyes. His other form is a square jawed, blond haired man who is always dressed extravagantly. His bright green eyes stay slitted however so he typically wears dark sunglasses in this form.

Traveler: No one has figured out how yet but Cheshire tends to come and go anywhere as he pleases. When asked to explain how he does this he said that he simply slips between things to get where he wants to be. He seemingly cannot use this ability as a reaction so it must require him to have some amount of preparation time(further details unknown).

Catlike Reflexes: Cheshire is physically weaker than most adult humans however he boasts incredible reaction speeds and has been rumored to be able to dodge bullets (But he probably started that rumor)

Nine Lives: Cheshire claims that legends of cats having nine lives originates with him and that he has six lives left. (This is unverified)


Rank: Consultant(Self Given)
Title: Annoying Bastard (Granted by Zero)

Personality and interests

Cheshire's personality could be described as playfully extra. He's known to embellish the details of any story and can't be trusted to relay accurate information. Although he constantly ignores most forms of authority he has displayed some amount of loyalty to TSS and he seems to consider Agent Zero to be a close friend. his interests are wide ranging but he seems to show up whenever anything particularly strange is happening.

Although he seems to act in the best interests of TSS Cheshire is decidedly NOT human and as such his actions can be unpredictable. He once left a dead vampire in front of Zero's office as a gift and to this day doesn't understand why he got so upset.


TSS first came into contact with him when he was found lazily lounging on Zero's desk in cat form in the initial weeks of the group's inception. Cheshire continued to confound any attempts to capture or detain him for months before even revealing that he could speak which came as quite the shock. It was during this time that they nicknamed him Cheshire and he took a liking to the moniker. TSS was able to capture him several times over the years but ended up putting those efforts on hiatus as he would simply disappear from confinement and didn't seem to pose an immediate threat.

In recent years TSS has reluctantly accepted that he will be a part of certain missions although official policy is that he is not authorized.

Favourite Sayings

"Nine lives just aren't enough"

"Cat got your tongue?"

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Image of Cheshire (Anomaly #0005)
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