Camp Kitty Hawk

Agent Zero exited the plane first, having touched down somewhere near Kitty Hawk, N.C. It was a tiny, remote airfield, oddly desolate for this part of the country. The rest of the team exited behind him as two black Humvees rolled to a stop in front of them.

"Storm 470," the driver of the first said as he walked around to meet Zero.

Zero shook his hand and grinned behind his mask. "I really should change the password at some point."

"Alright gang, get your gear and let's move!" Zero called to the team. "Spartan, you're with me in the lead vehicle. Charon and Lyons in the second."

The team loaded into their respective vehicles and they sped off.

"So whatcha got this time, Z?" the driver asked, glancing over at Zero a few times then back at the road.

"An apparent ghost ship."

The driver chuckled. When Zero didn't, he stopped.

"You're serious? That's cool as sh*t."

"Could be. Could be nothing. Could be a nightmare. Who knows."

"Who's the new guy?" the driver asked, pointing back at Agent Spartan.

"Call sign Spartan. Good dude. First mission with us, but I know a little of his history. He can be a little gung ho at times, but I'd rather have a guy I have to rein in a little than a guy I have to motivate."

"Hey, nice to meet you man," Spartan said leaning forward to address the driver. What's your name?"

"In the service they called me 'Icer' but mom and dad named me Isinger. David Isinger."

"Roger that, what branch of the service?"

"Secret," Icer grinned, expecting the question. "Presidential Protection Detail."

"Get the hell outta here!" Spartan said excitedly. "Which president?"

"None. I was on the back up team, ready to step in immediately if something happened to one of the front line guys. Never got the chance. But as Zero here will tell you, I certainly learned to wheel a vehicle and shoot things in that time if need be."

Zero turned to Spartan. "We pursued Icer pretty hard. An old contact of his worked for us briefly and knew he wasn't happy not getting a chance to work. It took some prodding to get him away from that cushy federal retirement, but I broke him down and he joined up."

"Broke me down," Icer laughed. "You said 'please.'"

"Maybe I did. I don't remember exactly," Zero said playing it off.

"Spartan. When we get to our destination, I want you out quick, fast, and in a hurry. Have the team get their gear and meet us at the rally point I'll give you when we arrive."

"Copy," Spartan said, appreciating being delegated just a little command authority.

The Humvees rolled down a dirt road, which eventually turned into sand, and then into a beach. It was dark, the team having landed around 1930 in the evening. The moon reflecting off the still water gave no indication of a rogue ghost ship nearby.

"There it is," Zero said as a small steel shell building came into view. The Humvees came to a stop beside it.

"Alright Spartan, round the boys up, get 'em settled in and tell them to standby for a mission brief."

"On it, Chief," Spartan said as he bailed out of the vehicle.

"Alright people, let's move!" Spartan yelled, using his old military command voice. "Get your gear and get in the building!"

Zero watched his assembled team do as Spartan directed.

"Icer, you know how I know him, right?"

"Of course I do," Icer answered seriously.

"What do you think?"

"Well, he's a handful. A little off the rails sometimes. A bit unpredictable."

"A bit?"

"Yeah. I don't think he's a nutbag. Not at all. I think he's one of those guys that thrives on doing things other people are afraid to do. Like you."

"Like us. Thanks, Icer. You got security while we're gone, right?"

"Step ahead of you, Chief."

"Thanks. Let me go talk to my guys and then the 360 on our HQ is yours."

"You know it. Rock and roll, man."

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