The Queen Anne's Revenge (Anomaly #0091)

The only thing the team on the zodiac could make out in the darkness was more darkness. That and the spray of water from the wake of the boat and the wind as they moved across the water. All they had to guide them was a general direction to the QAR provided by Charon.

"She's there.." is all Charon says as he points to an almost imperceptible silhouette of a ship in a sea of darkness. The cloudy night is providing very little illumination and the moon has not appeared to provide any as of yet. It feels like a storm is coming.

"Spartan, Zero, radio check over." Their leader says into the darkness.

*khhhhh khhhhartan, khhhh brokhhhh khhh one khhh out khh*

"Damn ghosts and commo craps" Zero says as he turns and raises his weapon towards the ship. He flips a switch on a small box attached to his rifle and starts to make little circles with the end of the weapon.

"What are you doing?" Charon asks

"Painting the target." Zero replies without any further explanation.

- - -

"Comms are fucked!" Spartan yells to the pilot.

"Tell me something I dont know! I'm flying this baby by feel! My sensors already shit the bed!" The pilot tells back over his shoulder.

"I've got an IR tally on target!" Spartan tells. "Our 2 o'clock, 1 klick out!"

"Got it" the pilot answers as he adjusts his approach

Spartan goes over his gear and rope anchor one last time and then they're coming over the ship. He can hear the sounds of some large bore muzzle loaders firing from the deck of the ship some 200 ft below as he kicks out the rope and looks down. A few rounds pierce the chopper's hull as he stands in the open door. "Hot LZ! Give me 3 seconds and get out!" Spartan yells. He throws a flash bang to the deck of the ship below and slides down the rope. He barely slows himself at all until the very end. He slows himself just enough to land on the deck hard and roll away from the line. The wooden deck is wet but sturdy and is in great shape for being over 3 hundred years old.

Spartan rolls to his feet taking cover behind some barrels at the stern of the ship. One of the barrels takes a round and starts leaking fluid. The smell of rum spilling onto the deck. "Not the rum!" Spartan yells. The rope is lifted off the deck as the blackhawk flies away into the distance. Spartan steps back and pies around the barrels laying down some 21st century fully automatic suppressive fire. He fires in controlled bursts as he makes his way from cover to cover over towards the ship's starboard side railing. Between burst he loads a 40mm smoke grenade into his m320 grenade launcher that's attached to his m4 and lobs a round to midship. While firing with his right hand he pulls out a bag and hooks one side around the railing before throwing the bag over the side of the ship. The lightweight ladder deploys out as the bag falls to the waves below.

- - -

The zodiac approaches the ship in the dark to the sound of gunfire overhead. The team can barely make out the voice of Spartan yelling "Bring it on ya fucking scalliwags!"

He yells again "I have not yet begun to fight!" and then a ghost pirate is thrown from the side of the ship to splash into the waters in front of the zodiac.

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