A "Call" to Action

Agent Zero was sitting in the Operations Center at Facility 47. Barbara Sanders came and went. Damon Lyons stopped in and checked some monitors and files, then headed out. It had been quiet in the Ops Center when a phone rang.

"Zero here."

"Yes sir."

"Understood sir."

"Just one. What resolution are you interested in for this anomaly, sir?"

"Alright. For your records, this anomaly will be designated #1016."

Zero hung up the phone and thought for a moment. He picked up a different phone to use the facility intercom.

"Agent Spartan, please report to the Ops Center."

Zero muttered to himself a little as he jotted down some notes about the phone call he had just completed.

"Large humanoid figure. Some witnesses have reported scales, others a great deal of body hair. Figure is most often seen moving through wooded areas at daybreak and dusk."

The card reader on the Ops Center door beeped and Agent Spartan stepped inside.

"Hey boss."

"Hey buddy. Have a seat. I just got an interesting phone call, from a person you may know as United States Unit 1."

"I think I know who that is."

"You do."

"Apparently there have been regular sightings of an unidentified large humanoid figure in the Tiger Mountain State Forest in Washington state. At first blush, I figured Bigfoot, though I haven't decided if I think Sasquatches exist or not.

But here's where it gets interesting. Some witnesses have described it as hairy, which is the traditional idea of Bigfoot, of course. However, others have said the creature is covered in scales...almost like armor.

Before we roll on this, I want your input. What do you think we might be dealing with here? Do you think the witnesses who say it's hairy are just conditioned to think that when they see something moving in the woods?

Also, why do you think Unit 1 was even briefed on this, let alone making a personal phone call to have it investigated? Seems like unnecessary escalation to me. Unless there's something much bigger at work here."

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