Case #1016 WARNO. [OOC- discord group link]

"Before we roll on this, I want your input. What do you think we might be dealing with here? Do you think the witnesses who say it's hairy are just conditioned to think that when they see something moving in the woods?"

Spartan frowns a little. "You know as well as I do that people's eyes can play tricks on them especially in the woods. Questionable reconnaissance can really create problems down the road."

"Also, why do you think Unit 1 was even briefed on this, let alone making a personal phone call to have it investigated? Seems like unnecessary escalation to me. Unless there's something much bigger at work here."

The frown turns into a bit of a smirk "Maybe he's looking for a new friend?" Spartan says jokingly.

"So we going for a trip out there to investigate these sightings?"

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