Anomaly #1016: Finalizing a Plan

"Also, why do you think Unit 1 was even briefed on this, let alone making a personal phone call to have it investigated? Seems like unnecessary escalation to me. Unless there's something much bigger at work here."

The frown turns into a bit of a smirk "Maybe he's looking for a new friend?" Spartan says jokingly.

"So we going for a trip out there to investigate these sightings?"

"Of course we are," Zero says with a smirk of his own behind his mask. "Even though we're under no mandate, I don't think refusing a request that comes directly from Unit 1 is a terrific idea. I think there have only been two other times '1600' has asked for help from us. As long as we're able, I think we need to prioritize their requests. And we're able."

"Able as anyone ever," Spartan nods in agreement.

"I'm only going to take you on this one. I know how you shoot, move, and communicate. I think that's going to be important especially if we have to push deep into the woods. I say we gear up for two days, drop in, and see what we've got. We can use the Blackhawk to search for heat signatures on the way in. We find a DZ within half a klick, and rock 'n' roll.

And Spartan, if this thing really does exist, I want to do our very best to bring it back here alive. Remember, we're investigators and scientists, not hired hitmen. Although as you know, some of us are well versed in the science of how to make things die."

Spartan smirks. "Are you talking about you or me?"

"Yes," Zero says utterly deadpan. "What did I miss?"

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